The Sons of the Immaculate Conception (CFIC) is a religious congregation of Pontifical right which aims to demonstrate the love of Christ for humanity, by devoting their lives to the care of the sick and education of the orphaned and abandoned youth in need of assistance. The Congregation is made up of lay religious brothers and priests to implement fully its specific mission. The members live in common the same rule with equal rights and duties and are called “Brothers”.

The CFIC Brothers and Priests, following the example of their founder, Blessed Luigi Maria Monti, see the model of their religious consecration and of their apostolic life in Mary the Immaculate. The members are devoted to the promotion of true freedom and happiness of the whole human person, created in the image and likeness of God.

The CFIC brothers and Priests just do that as Doctors, nurses, pharmacists, Physiotherapists, chaplains, teachers and preachers. The members of CFIC serve the humanity in 20 different countries in the world.

Where are you heading? 

Do you think God has a plan for you that you haven’t quite connected with? Could you imagine being called to spread the gospel by serving the sick and the needy youth?

CFIC cordially welcome young men of age 18 – 35 who are willing to dedicate their whole life to Christ, the Church, the sick and the young. As a CFIC brother or priest, you will be a missionary among the sick and young people at home and abroad, and journey with them toward a deeper relationship with Christ.

We live in community, pray and work together in a common mission. In North America, with seven communities in Canada, USA and Mexico, the members are engaged in pastoral ministry in the parishes, hospitals, prisons and schools and shelter homes, as pastors, chaplains, mentors and spiritual directors.

If you feel you are being called into religious life, please click here to visit our Vocation Post for more information.

Brothers of the North American Delegation

Br. Ruggero Valentini, Superior GeneralFr. Ugo Sturabotti, NAD Delegate SuperiorFr. Antony Chooravady,  Immaculate ConceptionFr. Domenico Rettura, Immaculate ConceptionFr. Eugene Chanain, Immaculate ConceptionFr. Shibil NADFr. Fouda Bertin, Epiphany of Our Lord

Fr. James Chitteth, Santa Maria Goretti, EdmontonFr. Joby Moonjely, Santa Maria Goretti, EdmontonFr. Biju Mathew Pattasery, St.Mary's Fr. Benny Mekkatt, St.Mary's Fr. Antony Skaria, St.Mary's

Bro. Pascal Atanga, St.Mary's

Fr. Ramon Owera, Holy Cross, Ohio

Fr. Jose Manickathan, Holy Cross

Fr. Roy Neeruvelil, MexicoFr. Jonas Anye, MexicoFr. Egide Misasi, MexicoBro. Cesar, MexicoFr. Jose Luis Guzman Diaz, MexicoFr. Emmanuell NADFr_Jimmy_NAD